"Where Quality Comes First"

Getting It Right:
Understanding Your Meaning and Your Audience.
Not all language translation services are created equal. If you want to be true to your message, direct translation from source language to target language is not enough. For language translation to really work, it must go beyond literal meaning and consider factors such as idiomatic phrases, word connotation and, especially, the cultural perspective of your target audience for your language translation project. TCA is keenly aware of this, and that's what makes us a Language Translation Services Provider of an entirely different caliber. We do more than just translate your words, we translate your meaning too.

Corporate Multiculture.
How do we make sure our language translation services meet the needs of our clients? The answer lies in our staff. Our experienced and highly-qualified linguists are more than just word-for-word translators. They're localization experts, too. For every project, we pick the most qualified linguists for the job. That means we pick people who not only have a flawless command of the source language, but who are native speakers of the target language as well. The person we pick always has a vast cultural understanding of the target audience. That way, he can translate more effectively by choosing just the right idiom or picking the analogy that will resonate best within a particular region. Our linguists also understand the impact of the visual aspect of your content-knowing the local conventions that guide the use of color and size of images. All of these cultural details come together to form a more complete and accurate language translation.

We Can Talk Shop, Too.
We provide language translation services for a variety of industries-life sciences, high-tech, legal, financial, education and manufacturing. And we have linguists with experience in each of those industries. That way, they know terms of art relevant to your project and can translate them with ease.

The Key Trio: Language. Culture. Industry.
That's how it all comes together. At TCA, we go above and beyond the basics of mere language translation. We use our fluency in each of our specialty languages, our cultural understanding in each of our specialty geographies and our international business savvy to provide you with content that both reads well and rings true.