"Where Quality Comes First"

More Than Words: The Four-Step Process.

It's All In the Details.
Of course, our process starts with the industry-standard translating, editing and proofreading (TEP) stages. But those steps are a mere ticket to entry in this field and we go beyond them with an additional client review stage. While many other language translation services providers offer a client review stage for additional cost and at your request, TCA includes it as a standard part of every language translation project we take on and it is a formal and focused procedure.

Another facet of our unique quality control process is that the process itself goes beyond the scope of our individual projects. We have a global quality control program in place that allows us to catch mistakes before the final product is delivered. Our global process allows us to track these errors in our quality control database. We then use this database to identify patterns of errors. With this system in place, we are able to avoid making similar mistakes in the future. This benefits all of clients because we are able to provide them with better accuracy in a shorter period of time.

The People Behind the Product.
The very basic step in putting together the team is making sure the right linguists are on the job. The lead translator of your project will always be a native speaker of the target language who possesses a strong command of the source language as well as experience in your field. In addition, the project coordinators and managers on your team will also be familiar with the cultures of your target audience to ensure that components like nuances and connotations do not get lost in translation.

At Your Service.
All clients at TCA are assigned a single point of contact-a person who is familiar with the ins and outs of your language translation projects. This makes it easy for you to stay up to date on your project and there's never any need to get someone up to speed on before you can get the information you seek.

We Speak The Same Language.
We can not stress enough just how important cultural understanding is when it comes to language translations. That's why we incorporate cultural branding and understanding into all of our language translation projects. Yes, we translate your copy, but we don't stop there. We also make localization suggestions that result in copy that makes a seamless entry into your target culture.