"Where Quality Comes First"

At TCA, we provide a variety of language services: translation desktop publishing, voiceovers, transcription, localization and translation, all with a commitment to ending up with the perfect file.  In addition to our language translation services, we offer after-hours availability, accountability and professional service at highly competitive rates.

Language Translation
At TCA, we convert written material from its source language into the target language in a way that not only imparts the basic meaning, but the spirit of the material as well. By considering tone and nuance in addition to literal meaning, our experienced linguists are able to translate the material so that it reads as though it was originally written in the target language. Editing and proofreading are the second and third steps in this process that ensure an error-free target file. We specialize in Chinese translation, Japanese Translation, Korean translation, Spanish translation and German translation and offer extensive localization services for each of these cultures as well.