"Where Quality Comes First"
Process Makes Perfect.

When it comes to language translation, what differentiates one professional language provider from another? Ultimately, it's the quality of the end-product, which is directly linked to the process leading up to it. It is precisely these two components, our process and the language translations it produces, that separate TCA from our competition. We have an extremely thorough process in place which allows us to offer language translations of unmatched quality.

This process is made of four components. The basic TEP process and review, a unique team of project coordinators and managers working together, a single point of contact for every job and a focus on cultural branding and understanding.

Whether you need Chinese translation, Spanish translation or German translation; whether you need to explain an important process yourself, report the results of a research project or persuade an audience to buy your product, the four components of our process have a synergy which creates a language translation end-product that is more than a mirror image of the original document.