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A Common Understanding.

When it comes to language translation, cultural context plays an integral role in determining the true meaning of all written words. Only proper cultural knowledge can ensure that the language translation process includes all the appropriate nuances and connotations. This is where our localization expertise comes in.

Our associates have an impressive breadth of experience when it comes to localization services. Every project has a team that is comprised of people with firsthand understanding of the target culture. Resizing images, regulatory concerns, cultural branding, engineering and testing, proper usage of the correct numbering system, knowledge of culturally appropriate symbols and even details like proper shortcut keys in any given language are part and parcel of every language translation project we take on. As a professional translation service, we pride ourselves on excellence. We make sure your target files are more than mere word translation, but rather the conversion of materials from one audience to another in a way that resonates with the target audience, both intellectually and emotionally.

At TCA, our breadth of expertise in localization services allows us to provide the most effective language translation in the most efficient manner. Ultimately, this results in faster time to market at lower cost. And that's a benefit we can all understand.