"Where Quality Comes First"

The actual translation of source copy into target copy is one of the most important steps of the language translation process. From the moment you contact us, we start taking steps to ensure that your project goes smoothly, from start to finish. First, only the linguists with credentials that match your project are chosen to work on it. This means your team will be led by someone who not only is a native of the target language but also has an impressive command of the source language and extensive experience in your industry. For example, if you are a U.S.-based research company in need of a consent form translated into simplified Chinese, a native simplified Chinese translator fluent in English who spent years in the research field, could be your team leader.

A large part of our success in this stage is our use of the human touch. A person is much better equipped to catch nuances and understand the cultural implications involved in a body of writing than is a computer. However, we employ industry-leading CAT (computer aided translation) tools to analyze the source document to determine time-saving consolidation techniques, such as analysis of any repetitive phrases. The integration of the human touch and industry-leading translation tools such as TRADOS saves time and quickly allows our language translation specialists to obtain a remarkable level of consistency while minimizing inevitable human error.

Once the human beings complete the first stage of translation with the support of the appropriate CAT-tools, it goes back for an edit and a proofreading to ensure that everything reads exactly the way you intended it. If necessary, a client review round will follow. After you're satisfied, we're satisfied and only then is the project closed.