"Where Quality Comes First"

Multilingual DeskTop Publishing (DTP)
We create high-quality, publishable materials for either large- or small-scale distribution using industry-standard software such as InDesign®, Quark®, PageMaker®, FrameMaker®, Illustrator®. From start to finish, we perform  tasks such as layout, resizing images, text insertion and extraction with an eye for cultural appropriateness relative to the target audience. We are also highly experienced in knowing how to manipulate the appropriate software to accomodate fonts unique to the target language. This allows us to produce sophisticated and professional-looking materials that will fit in with the visual cultural expectations of the target audience.

As part of the localization process, TCA can assist with voiceovers and dubbing or subtitling of films, television commercials or corporate training videos. We can guide you through the process of selecting talented native-speaking voice talent as well as working with leading sound studios to perfect such details as timing and high-quality production value.

Transcription is the service of making a verbatim copy of information that has been originally dictated. We provide transcription services, executed by native-speaking experts in the relevant subject for the medical, legal, insurance, technological and information technology fields.